Environment Foods

  • Posted on September 25, 2014 at 3:44 pm

In contrast of what we think, to make purchases not um harmless gesture. Thanks to opening of the world-wide commerce, of the rapidity dosmeios of transports and the methods of production we can buy, in all part, alimentary products come from the 4 cantos of the world, ready plates, of fcilpreparo, fruits and vegetables are of the station. Face to this great gamma of offered products atualmentens we are led to make choices in feeding substance. These, soinfluenciadas for our necessities, wills, taste, beliefs and cost. Masalm of the individual effect on the health of each one, these choices temigualmente an important impact on the environment.

Which is Problem? This evolution naproduo and consumption is leading to an increase in the pressure that we exert on onosso planet. Why? These foods are of time, frozen, imported, consume much energy, possess a great amount of embalageme emit gases of the effect greenhouse (intensive production with use of pesticides, transport, preparation with use of conservantes, conservation in freezer edescongelamento). Soon, the impact that the foods cause varies as modode production, in the distance covered between the production and the consumption, if it is cool or congealed umalimento Examples: Necessitamais a frozen pizza of ham of oil to be consumed of what of ham. A fruit oil is of time imported for airplane consumes for seutransporte 20 times more than that the same produced fruit local. A strawberry yoghurt km is of the station can cover 9000 (passage of its substances cousins until the consumption). For the production of one liter of cooling litrosde is used 5 water.

What consuming we can make? Simplesgestos in day-by-day makes the difference: * Choice foods of the time * Prevents foods with many packings. It separates the garbage, recycle! * It gives to preference cool foods * Prevents frozen foods and daily pay-ready meals * space in its house will be had, makes one horta! Beyond sersaudvel he is economic. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Martin O’Malley and gain more knowledge.. * It prevents imported foods, opts to foods produzidosna region that you deferred payment. * It always reads all packing. Beyond the nutricional label, date of validity always confers the provenincia of the food. It noticed something familiar? Yes, attitudes querespeitam the environment, as those cited above also are tips timasde nutrition, contributing it welfare of the human being and the biosfera. Echo-Nutrition references: , Jamie. Redefininghealth food: an ecological approach you food production, distribution andprocurement, 2006. Disponvelem: < in: 17 fev. 2009. PNUE (Programme DES Nations Unies pour l' Environnement). Directives DES NationsUnies sur there Protection DES Consommateurs. Promotion of laconsommation durable, 2003. Available in: < in: 18 sea. 2009. PNUE (Programme DES Nations Unies pour l' Environnement). Les communications surle dveloppement durable, 2006. Available in:

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