Ed Hardy Clothing

  • Posted on June 19, 2013 at 8:18 am

Ed Hardy, the now world renowned and highly sought-after fashion label Ed Hardy was founded by the two designers Don Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier. Christian Audigier, who has previously worked for the Dutch label can now create his own hot T-shirts, caps and accessories. The lifestyle of the two founders, is given by the designed garments to 100%. It can be seen at the Ed Hardy collection exactly how much love both the game designers with color and exceptional designs. Again and again are on the individual pieces of embroidery, reminiscent of the Japanese Yakuzza and motives of Tattoo Ed Hardy are at the rule rather than the exception.

Therefore, this brand is often called the "Vintage Tattoo Wear". Until this day, they have as good act together as a team, that their designs are perfectly matched and in harmony with one another fantastic. To protect this unique brand from illegal plagiarism, all the pieces are stitched on so-called Dices. These are always in a very well-defined Place so that their copy is extremely difficult. This is also the reason why you are the authenticity of pieces from the Ed Hardy collection can always be confirmed to the retailer. For here we know exactly what to look for and what make up a fake error. So you see, pirates have it very difficult to copy this brand. Very important is also that are working in true Ed Hardy collection exclusively with high quality materials. So buy a piece of Ed Hardy, you might have to resort deep in the pocket, but you also have long to enjoy your new favorite piece. And serving as the label Ed Hardy, you're in good company, because even stars like Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx and Mariah Carey swear to this label.

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