Dorm Students

  • Posted on September 6, 2016 at 1:02 am

Before the beginning of the school year for students who came to Moscow to study, the main problem is to look for housing. The question is: why? After all, it saves us the university, which provides students hostel. But not so fast! The beginning of September, and dormitories in the head on the door a sign: 'No vacancy and will not be in this year', next to the office for hours waiting worn out a huge backlog. This situation is familiar to many of you. For more information see this site: Former Maryland Governor. Rent an apartment can afford only one, but what about the rest? Live on the street? Leave school? Unfortunately, this question leadership institute, shrugging his shoulders, replied: 'Nothing can not help. "I learned how to the system is settling into the hostel, so: the first room are poor students, then, foreigners, followed by the best students in school, at the very end inhabit nuzhdayuschihsya.Vse pretty fair and square, but then from the hostel for more than 40% of the residents are people who have no relationship to the university are people who either work in Moscow, or families without the means to rent an apartment. Just those who live in the dormitory tell you that a lot of rooms has not yet been occupied – unoccupied, until interrupted by students, spending the night 'anywhere'. The problem is it will still be there in all of Moscow universities, for its decision to join forces and act and not just believe everything that says manual. Auth. Dmitry skeletons

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