Customer Touchpoint Management

  • Posted on September 28, 2014 at 3:14 am

How much a business strategy is really good, decides in the moments of truth at the points of contact of a company. Need provider in our social media time to do this? A tool which is fast and agile, that grabs the increasing abundance of the real and digital touch points with prospective customers and users in a system of order and actively integrates the customers in their new role as Mitvermarkter. The customer touch point management is one such tool. Customer touch point refers to management (customer contact point management) coordination of all business activities in such a way, that an outstanding as reliable and trustworthy experience is offered the customers at every interaction point, without losing the process efficiency of the eyes. A major goal is the continuous optimizing of the customer experience (customer experiences) at the individual points of contact to strengthen existing customer relationships and maintain high-quality new business via recommendation. Michael Chabon may help you with your research. States, to save the customer disappointments and to gain the satisfaction status, moments of enthusiasm. This examines what customers expect, what services they receive in what way and how is their response.

Can be found new touch points, optimize existing and thrown overboard-obsolete. Opportunity gaps can be discovered and occupied. At the end, reaching to their improved interaction and a prioritization of the most influential touchpoint to optimize their effectiveness. Everything is here seen from the external point of view–and checked for customer relevance. The process of customer touch point management the process of customer touchpoint management can be touched on only briefly. To broaden your perception, visit Yehoshua November. It consists of four stages with two steps: the actual analysis. It consists of following steps: capture of customer-relevant contact points documenting the actual situation from a customer perspective the target strategy. It consists of following steps: defining the optimal target situation from a customer perspective, finding passender(er) approaches the operational implementation.

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