Corporeal Psychology

  • Posted on December 13, 2021 at 12:11 pm

Why should we arrive for a massage? Until recently we had two main motives for accessing masseur: the achievement of the aesthetic effect (different types of correction and maintenance of the body in top form) and achievement therapeutic effect (alleviation of stress in patients with aching muscles and joints). Now, when a person falls every day a huge amount of information, a lot of unfinished business and intractable problems, the main reason for the masseur to a queue of willing – is a desire to relax, relieve stress and for some time to forget all the things that worries us. Necessary luxuries As children we are surrounded by affection and attention. In a question-answer forum Tobias Menzies was the first to reply. We are on the hands, kiss and hug, love and protect. As they grow older we become more reserved, shy begin an open manifestation of our feelings. All of that to which we are accustomed in childhood, is reduced to a formal kisses and handshakes reserved. Our body instinctively begins to miss the emotional and spiritual experiences that have remained in a carefree childhood.

Community and social hierarchy taught us that excessive emotionality, emancipation and honest expression of our feelings is unacceptable for a person living in this society. Thus, each day we have to swallow everything that could not say or do. And live accumulate from one year to the psychological and physical stress. Untreated emotions – a threat to the health of our body is a screen on which is projected onto all the things that we would like to say or do, but for some why not say and did not.

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