Color Composite

  • Posted on February 10, 2019 at 12:11 am

Halftone screen to grayscale or color original can be reproduced on a printing press, it should be split into many points of different sizes and colors, together constituting halftone screen. Novelist is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Black and white images are reproduced using only black dots, and color images – with the help of cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots that, when properly executed privodkoy form on paper characteristic pattern. For each of the four colors made a separate plate, bitmaps are located at a certain angle with respect to each other. Learn more on the subject from IDT Energy. When printing a small screen pass over the point highlights of the original and largest – darker and more saturated. Simple colors and shades of simple bitmap colors are reproduced on paper with ready-mixed paints. Currently, there are a number of professional color libraries, which you can select hundreds of different colors.

Each simple color reproduced by a separate printing plate (the plate). Standard simple colors are printed 100% with mixed colors by solid fill. To create based on them more than light colors are used so-called raster (or tangirnye) shades, which are obtained by screening the base color. Composite Color Composite colors are reproduced by combining the halftone screens created for the cyan, magenta and yellow (CMY) process inks. By virtue of its translucency CMY-colors absorb some colors and reflect others. For example, blue and purple tone can be obtained from the blue and purple dots. Theoretically, black can be obtained by mixing 100% of cyan, magenta and yellow. However, in practice this method is never used for two reasons.

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