Colombia Cooperation

  • Posted on April 3, 2016 at 12:18 am

During the last decade were signed more than 150 joint documents covering the most diverse sectors: from the alien space until the exchanges of athletes. He is added, that Russia is willing to promote the equitable, mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries in the region interchangeably some ideological reason. For example, evidenced by the agenda of the next President Dmitri Medvedev trip to Latin America. Their participation in Lima Asia-Pacific economic cooperation forum, is scheduled his official visits to the Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, and possibly other countries. Several bilateral meetings of the President with the Presidents of Latin American countries will be held apart from acts of APEC. In addition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia will make first official visits to Colombia and Ecuador.

At the end of this year and principles of the coming year the Presidents of Argentina, Cuba, Nicaragua and Uruguay will visit Moscow. I am convinced that the ruso-latinoamericanos relationships have a great future. Our cooperation is not directed against third countries and is not subject to the political situation. Ultimately, the Russian Federation and Latin America agree on the necessity of solving the key problems of the present time-based attachment common to the norms of international law and the strengthening of multilateral bodies. From Asia to Latin America, Moscow is assembling a coalition of Nations that possess much of the natural resources of the world, where two-thirds of the world’s population is located. Oil and arms form the basis of the attraction of economic and military of Moscow to a larger portion of the planet. One ever-increasing virulent trait, fueled in part by Moscow, has also helped the efforts of Russia both parties reject attempts to impose unilateral positions and respect the interests of the partners and the principle of non-interference in internal affairs of sovereign States.

Russia is ready to promote beneficial cooperation with all countries in the region without any ideological reason. Russia understands the desire of many Latin American countries diversify sources suppliers of this type of material as part of the projects of modernization of the armed forces,,como is well known and has been written, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently concluded talks in Moscow with the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. In addition to an exhibition of a relaxed capricious partnership between two leaders, Putin and Chavez agreed to promote the development of cooperation in the field of military technology, according to the Russian newspaper, Izvestia. Chavez currently has large amounts of systems batteries, anti armament of tanks, helicopters, and 100,000 rifles in its list of raided. Weapons are not intentioned to invade any nation, but they are directed to any aggressor, Chavez said. Serguei Lavrov said arms control that we supply are not weapons of attack. By its technical parameters, defensive, discusses media strictly explained, at the time called out techno cooperation with Latin America in the general context of the relations. The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that cooperation in the military sphere is transparent and that Moscow complies rigorously with all its international commitments. He stressed that trade between Russia and Latin America increases annually between 25 and 30 percent, and this year are expected to reach encrypted record of $ 15 billion.

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