• Posted on April 13, 2015 at 2:57 pm

Is this third phase which will allow the family lay the foundations of what will be his performance in the future with the sick child. To do so it will have the support of society (social services, school children, etc.), so his dedication to this is not cause of stress or of social confrontation, which would cause the same feeling of anxiety and concern that the parents in the child. Understood, therefore, that the response of the family when one of his sons has a chronic disease should be, once surpassed the first moments of confusion, encouragement, positive, because it will become his main psychological and social support. At this point show of agreement all authors who study this issue, asserting that the family before the child’s illness must be main psychic bracket in which lean; a positive attitude by parents will depend on that child will improve more quickly. At this point have a great importance the attitude taken from society, the answer given by both the workforce and the educational. In the first case giving the family the diagnosis should be about your child’s illness; This will allow parents to cope with the new situation and lay the foundations of future aid to his son. Secondly, the education system will give response to a need that is going to raise a child: the loss of College.

For this purpose all hospitals today have hospital classrooms that serve the schooling of the child sick, later continued at home, with home care, during the process of convalescence. All of this aimed at creating around the child, within the hospital, a standardization environment; i.e., make sure this is as comfortable as possible and in conditions as close they wore in his life before falling ill..

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