Coalition Aysen

  • Posted on January 14, 2018 at 6:18 pm

A peaceful demonstration with black flags and a vast canvas with the Aysen legend, water and life do not sell they love and defend themselves was carried out this Friday October 1 passes 13: 00 hours on the outskirts of the Commission national of the environment of the Region of Aysen, in Coyhaique, in rejection of the project of dams on the River Crow. The day before energy Austral (proprietor of the initiative) had submitted its first addendum in response to the almost thousand observations of public services with environmental competition. There is still no clarity regarding if the company accessed answer more than 4,500 questions that made citizenship in the framework of the process of citizen participation and which, according to environmental legislation, only oblige to the Regional Environment Commission weighed in its resolution of environmental qualification. Activity, convened by Coalition Aysen reserve of life, the Tehuelches youth group and the autonomous collective by Patagonia, was one symbolic action that disrupted traffic in order to draw attention for short periods of time. When when I was already concluding, after 14: 00 hours, came a contingent of Carabineros who explained the tenor of the mobilization. Harsh remarks were 10 months, by postponement, which took the power of suizo-australiano origin, to respond to queries from the State, then to mid-November of last year will send him the first consolidated report of request for clarifications, corrections and extensions (Icsara). Bodies with environmental competition inquiries pointed to different subjects that considered necessary to clarify. In the case of geological risks alluded to the incidence of the Liquine-Ofqui fault in the seismic swarm and subsequent earthquake with detachment of slopes (which caused a giant wave that resulted in death and demise of a dozen people) fjord Aysen, even more so when a fault (that the company says would be a different to the) Liquine – ofqui fault) cross directly one of the contemplated dams, according to the national service of geology and mining appropriated to establish that a potentially active fault whose trace passes directly through the middle part of the projected secondary dam.

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