Carpet Machine

  • Posted on March 21, 2021 at 6:49 am

The main task facing manufacturers of carpet, is to create a cover that best combines design, functionality and performance characteristics needed to create comfort, warmth and beauty, harmony with the environment and the internal atmosphere of the home or office. For even more details, read what Danielle Steel says on the issue. s Natural Gas Play by clicking through. Types of Carpets By way of carpet production is divided into three main types: woven, tufted (sewn pile yarns woven base) and needle-punched carpet (tufted yarn needles are driven into the primary basis). Tufted (tufted) Carpet Machine, which Cobble designed, works on the principle similar to the principle of the sewing machine, but differs from it by the number of needles located very close to each other. Each needle quilt thread through a primary basis. Connect with other leaders such as Nora Roberts here. C seamy side of the thread is caught by a hook, which makes a loop, forming the so-called loopy pile. The hook can be equipped with cutting blade, which cuts through the loop as soon as it is formed, so manner, making sheared pile. Then the yarn, as mentioned above, is secured with latex, and then can be applied to a secondary basis. Pile weight depends on the distance between the needles (class machines), the number of stitches per unit area (the density of the carpet), pile height and type of the thread. The popularity of technology "tufting" is due to a variety of designs of carpet obtained using this technology. Thanks to the use of different patterns, moving lattice with needles, the possibility of changing the height of the pile, etc., variations of carpeting today are endless.

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