Canadian Technology for Cottage Construction

  • Posted on December 14, 2014 at 7:13 am

Apparently, ever since the legendary panel and sleeping Khrushchev, in our minds the view is firmly implanted that the standard panel construction is undignified. Click novelist to learn more. A man building his country House can not afford kupitsya on the cheap. A classic example of how steriotip thinking prevents people from seeing simple solutions to sometimes quite complex problems. Canadian building construction technology country houses and cottages, is a fundamentally new approach to frame-shield construction techniques, known to our overseas brethren for the past twenty years. To date, we can say the fact that in the sectors of low-rise rural stroitelstva 60% of housing is being built according to this method.

Design using Canadian technology:: 4 times stronger than conventional wood-frame buildings; to 5 times faster traditional building technologies; 8 times warmer than brick-and-Be-ton structures; service life of at least 150 years the heart of this technology is the use of structural insulated panels stiuctural insulated panel (SIP), which composed of two oriented particle board between them under pressure as a heater attached layer of solid polystyrene. Environmentally friendly, netokcichny, heat and sound insulation foam board, the 98% consisting of air, used in construction for 30 years. SIP – the material of the XXI century. Not surprisingly, the buildings constructed out of it, in fact universal. In Canada, where the technology has gone, the air temperature ranges from-50oS in winter to +40 C in summer. These houses are currently used in all climates, they are equally adapted to the northern frost and heat of Africa.

Surprisingly, ‘wooden box’ pasted from wood chips, are much stronger brick, concrete and wooden buildings. After the last earthquake in Japan left intact only the houses built on the Canadian technology. This strength is due to different orientations of the bonded panels and system of bonding plates together. Following successful trials of natural in Japan and America, the seismic resistance of buildings have been actively spread in Afghanistan and the mountainous regions of the former USSR. However, the most surprising in this Canadian wonder – quick construction. From the moment a client decides to build a house on the Canadian technology (selecting a suitable project for a country house), and until that day, as he celebrates housewarming party will be held no more than two months. The house, about which we talk, not born at the construction ploschadke.Pri all its virtues IT’S housing is cheap. In the closed shop is raskroyka and gluing the panels. By the time the foundation is ready, the place will be sent to construction team, which quickly and accurately collect your vacation home, like meccano Lego. The assembly takes no more than 3-4 days. Efficiency Sprouting of such buildings is not an indication of their unprepossessing ‘modern vremyanok’. Canadian building technology town houses provides an opportunity to erect a luxurious complex of luxury housing with a five-storey houses. Thus suburban construction on the Canadian technology can be described as an affordable, fast and very comfortable for everyone.

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