Big Sur

  • Posted on November 7, 2015 at 8:18 am

Sumesele the foregoing the invasion of stationery and noises that bring a choice in the city where half the population tries to run for something. And an ability to concentrate not to exceed 15 minutes of clock. For all that and a few things later months to read “Big Sur”, did not want to miss a word but in the end …. Well, wait a minute, I have to start from scratch. As a teenager fell into my hands, “On the Road”, a novel that was already making sales records back in the ’60s, when he was in my hands were all about something else, “Love and Peace” was a thing of the past

The ’80s were characterized by a lack of social commitment that continues to date, the ’70s were rather existentialist, but this is not a universal history of literary trends therefore have to focus on Jack Kerouac. As I said to read “On the Road” is considered the Bible was for beatniks, hyppis, pacifists remaining counted on the fingers, as most had left his headband of daisies for a haircut and make a good successful business. Nobody notice that this first novel Keroauc meant more than what I was reading, or whether I just turned a good story of a journey that makes a type to be discovered, with the special touch Eastern mystical subjects, to talk about marijuana and free love which was not unrelated to my knowledge he was a regular reader of Henry Miller who admired more than the Milanese with fries.

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