Basque ETA

  • Posted on October 21, 2015 at 7:18 am

Basque nationalists say that the priority now is settle the scene of peace and the definitive cessation of ETA. For the PNV Bildu proposal is an initiative of estrategico-electoral court. The PNV has rejected Tuesday a clear and direct the proposal made by Bildu to go in coalition at the next general election on November 20 because the priority at the moment is definitely settle the stage of peace and in the definitive cessation of ETA. So has explained to the media the President of the PNV in Guipuzcoa, Joseba Egibar, who has opined that it is not a sincere proposal Bildu, but an initiative of estrategico-electoral court by abertzale left, or even, as has been said, a subterfuge that seeks cover certain deficiencies that may be occurring in the development of the peace process. Although the PNV had already advanced its position via the media, it has transmitted this reply negative reps Bildu, among which was the Member of the abertzale left Jone Goirizelaia, who has described the response of the Basque nationalist party after the meeting of very great disappointment. The nationalist leader has opined that abertzale left could look for this electoral alliance so that ETA can hang up his announcement (of definitive end of violence) on a particular political perch. For Egibar, one can think that the decision of the permanent cessation is taken but as the State not moving piece and created expectations have not been covered now look for this alienza. Source of the news: the PNV refuses to leave the generals with the abertzales Bildu.

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