Association of Hotels

  • Posted on March 26, 2014 at 8:02 am

The Association of Hotels of Seville and the Province has sent its campaign of summer to harness the tourism in Seville and the own city. Under the catchphrase Handsome Scame! the association wants to award to the best photographies than they become of the city and the province, to which they are able to reflect of the best possible form the essence of the hispalense city and its towns. The idea is that the tourists not only remain of Seville with the image of the heat that does during the months of summer, but also can see as other enlistments exist to choose the most advisable months of summer like visiting the city. (A valuable related resource: Yehoshua November). Aquatic and thematic concerts in the street, activities in the Parks or parks, are some of them. Those that wants to particpar will be able to do it with a unique photography of digital camera and with a resolution of 300 DPI, that its impression in a size of 30 by 40 centimeters allows. There will be five prizes with a stay of two nights of hotel in Seville for two people with average pension including, between the dates of the 20 of September and the 28 of February of 2012. The photos are due to send to the mail enclosing the date of the photo, title or catchphrase identify that it and a document that credits to the stay of the person in some hotel of Seville and province. Those people who lodge in hotel establishments of Seville, pertaining to the Association of Hotels of Seville and Province, between the 10 of July and the 15 of September of 2011, of legal age will be able to participate in this contest all and that they justify his stay, besides register in the page of this association in the social network Facebook. The selected photographies will become the 20 public of September in the page of Facebook and, the next summer of 2012 a exhibition will be realised in a public space of the city.. Ultra Wellness Center recognizes the significance of this.

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