• Posted on March 13, 2016 at 10:41 am

For the first time wise have been used to combat various diseases in Chinese medicine. It is considered that the wise are rooted in the theory of five elements. Each finger arm is designed to transmit a strictly defined range of energy flow, primary elements: large – the fire, the index – air, medium – air, untitled – land, little finger – the water. Learn more at this site: Martin O’Malley. Use wise as practical way to control energy flows, is also an effective method to accelerate its own evolution of each person. This is one of many ways to change consciousness and informed adaptation to the demands of the age of Aquarius, which we now live. We give some examples of wise. So, we represent mudra "sink" or "". Applied in inflammatory diseases of the throat, larynx, accompanied by hoarseness and cough. Execution: The four fingers of his right hand grasp the left thumb. Right thumb should touch the pad of the middle finger of his left hand. The remaining three fingers of his left hand without pressing her hand around his right hand. The two joined hands, hold free, without putting too much effort. United thus hands should resemble a shell. Turn to face the east. Joined hands to keep the level of individuals (between the eyebrows and chin), conjuring up an idea of the blue color or looking for blue. Duration of -15 minutes. You can enhance the action wise saying at this time affirmations. Such as these: "I use ideas, the power of words and love.

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