Amy Winehouse Wants To

  • Posted on March 3, 2021 at 12:18 am

Entry into the United States of America not just thats white we know everyone. Many controls to spoil the fun of the United States many before and during the entry. Jessica Walsh does not necessarily agree. It’s also celebrities like, because they also need a valid visa. It is also Amy Winehouse. As is now reported Amy Winehouse has released themselves from the addiction clinic to participate in the Grammy Awards.

On Monday, she left the hospital a few hours later at the U.S. Embassy a visa to apply for or extend. Amy Winehouse, 24, was accompanied by a nurse, because she should be always under medical supervision, from security against a relapse. Her father accompanied her also to the Embassy. After her last appearance in public, on January 24, Amy Winehouse looked healthier already to quite a bit.

The visa is only a small obstacle up to the Grammy Awards. Amy Winehouse is nominated in six categories. Since it would be for them to be probably class when any winning live in the Hall. We hope that It may come as for Amy Winehouse and we also hope that the event raises no relapse with her. Lisa Walters

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