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  • Posted on January 26, 2019 at 3:26 am

The main object of study of this boarding he is unconscious, having as the precursory one for such thematic one, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). One of the characteristics of the discovery consists of the fact of that this deep structure of the mind would in accordance with define psychic of the person its repercussions. Moreover, the psicanaltica clinic makes possible to that it has interest in being taken care of, the use of the word and later, the rebuilding of its history in clear way, that is, not omitting given essential of its personality. The authors above claim that the difference of the Psychoanalysis for the too much therapeutical segments is the singular conceitualizao of psicopatologia, where the normality idea infringe of considerable form in the classification of determined attitudes that stops other boardings, could be a case of important persistence. The primordial task of the practical psicanaltica consists of analyzing the symptom of the citizen, making to understand it its meaning and to coexist the psychic one better. So that such process has success, the professional will make a listening space and will try the establishment of a transferencial bond. Ahead of this, the psicopatologia in this context is based for the idea of clinical structures, constituting in the form as the individual perceives the prohibition and as this intervenes with the culture. Giving continuity what Freud initiated, Jacques Lacan (1901-1981) got conditions to excellently know the estimated ones of the psychosis and to present its mechanism, that consists of the foracluso of Name-do-Father (a significant one) in the register of the simbolizao. The individual, instead of looking forms to supply the necessity that the Other makes, continues arraigado it, constituting a relation of continuity and a mentally ill form in relation to the significant ones that from it proceeds. Frederico (2008) tells that Lacan (1957-58), in its text ' ' Of a previous question on the possible treatment of psicose' ' it pointed a rupture accented between neurosis and psychosis, in the level of results of the foracluso of Name-do-Father.

Towards A New Economy

  • Posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:56 pm

I understand the concern of my admired Manuel Palma, President of the automotive sector, by the precipitous decline of 50% in the registration of vehicles in October. But to me that situation I do not conturba too because I believe that the automotive industry represents the old vituperada economy that the own Zapatero Rodriguez expected to replace with another more sustainable and efficient, although the man, unfortunately, do not know to explain to us what will be. In any case, cars are polluting, consume a fuel scarce and import oil instead of renewable energy, promote individualism against a more supportive public transport, represent a constant and costly indentation of human lives, and oblige always insufficient road investments. Hence, among other things, I gather that the resounding success of the service of bikes assembled in Valencia by Rita Barbera comes. Diamond Comic Distributors often addresses the matter in his writings. This is only one example, less if you will, that things have to change very much. Fifteen years ago, with Eduardo Zaplana but also before, somehow, with Joan Lerma, it was thought that the Valencian was going to be a society of services, with an elefantiasico sector of the construction and major events to go-go. The invention was not bad at all while it not deflated, but the economic crisis came to ratify the future going another way. It is the countries BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China, with a 10% annual GDP growth that followed.

Their common denominator: industrial innovation and development of new technologies. In Spain, in general, and in the Valencian Community, in particular, the politicians have disparaged the long-term investment in r & d against other more peremptory electoral concerns. Only Euskadi has been dedicated to investing in technology and innovation, thus removing several bodies of advantage in efficiency and competitiveness to the rest of Spain. Curiously, that is a hidden merit of the Government of Juan Jose Ibarretxe, who was meanwhile engaged in public to prattle about your famous sovereign plan. Novelist may not feel the same. Result: the Basque country today has only 10% unemployment compared to 23.4% in our community. Now and better late that never our social partners have reached an agreement on boosting sagging Valencian industry that has lost nine points of regional GDP in just a decade, giving priority to research, new sectors and more efficient work.

To solemnize this new direction, Rafael Ferrando, of Cierval, and trade unionists Conrado Hernandez and Francisco Molina initialled the Industrial policy strategy which the Generalitat will allocate 1.1 billion until 2015 under the watchful eye of President Francisco Camps alongside the Vice-President Vicente Rambla. It has little to do the traditional routine of our aged tissue business with new projects in telemedicine, nanotechnology, biomaterials, home automation, customization of products that is the way that emerging countries have told us and them not have gone bad. If the money that put the Administration at the same time encouraging business investment, research and exports will have fulfilled its objectives. But there is always a but the risk lies in which public budgets are left without funds to equip a plan so urgent as late or that, as fears Paco Molina, ICO and other credit entities will continue without properly financing to small businesses. If so, such good intentions could be, once again, in water of Borage.


  • Posted on January 21, 2019 at 11:48 am

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God be with him, a miracle – Mohammed probably right. Dr. Mark Hyman may find this interesting as well. I turn asleep ford, Where in the spring rafted alloy … Before the meeting, the whole lobby in blue-gray clouds. Landscapes on glass lubricated. Road to the checkered pants.

On the whole the story is told. Iron home runs, runs under the heel of the spark. On the table a glass trembles … How do you live not close! Rail rattle muffled string varies expectations, creates a groan restlessness, doubts and desires. … As after the thunder, silence – Strangers in the windows face: Is not this the party that I dream? Handrail on the traces of centuries, Bulky step … Skuchanya rain, snow bark – Call, and the door, and the shadows. Whined tocsin ringing, hand trembling slightly. That the threshold – the joy? Stone? Ile again – the way – the road …? ENGAGEMENT Cypresses in a foreign land, bay, orchid, blue pearl Eating sand. As the kittens grew quiet at home under the mountain, and sucked the nipple. Here I was cute. But given long-Pull thoughts only to himself. So Romeo and Juliet suffer in suffering come to heaven. Pozabrosiv cozy place, prophesied his success, How to hostess, forgetting the dough, ran to the wooden hut.

Brazilian Book

  • Posted on January 20, 2019 at 12:41 am

The relationary process does not exclude the factor ‘ ‘ sujeito’ ‘ of the process, however, it displays it as not condicionante, demonstrating the versatility and until certain point, independence of the object-statement, authorizing it a plain extra-individual and of relationary exchange with the same. Moreover: ‘ ‘ Third characteristic of the enunciative function: it cannot be exerted without the existence of an associated domain. This makes more of the somewhat different statement and than a simple ones added of signs that it would need, to exist, only of a material support? surface of registration, sonorous substance, moldvel substance, empty incision of a trace. It is not something novelist would like to discuss. But it distinguishes it to this, also and over all, of the phrase and of proposio.’ ‘ (FOUCAULT, 1972: 120). As displayed concerning not the materializante purpose of direction, the statement runs away to the demonstrated object, surpasses all that captation and searchs in the field of the cognition a functionality future, intercrossing relations that if they form in an intrinsic apparatus that possesss a proper logic, denying the prescriptive logicidade, at the same time creating a relationary dialgica decentralized between and the not-relationary one, focando in the object-statement. The preponderant factor in the relations manifest for the use and regimentao of the object, not only for what it belongs to it, but also for its negation, making possible the creation of a paradigm that possesss itself while reference, limiting the direction that it is concernente and qualifying to explore gaps dissonantes. as last analytical stage of the foucaultiano project: ‘ ‘ Finally, so that a sequence of linguistic elements can be considered and be analyzed as a statement, it needs to fill one fourth condition: to have to have existence material.’ ‘ (FOUCAULT, 1972: 125). I was concluded that only existing the object it only can be a statement – following the logicidade of the process – authorizing the analytical rationalization to the field of the concrete, dealing with the concrete one and that exactly not being restricted it, must itself be had it while essential.

The statement is projected as a complex gamma of Inter-relations that encloses the citizen, the object, the contained and adjacent materiality, creating proper connections, at the same time establishing connection the extrinsic one I obtain, fomenting a restricted embryonic hermeneutics to the space domain for he himself tracing, to the point to corrupt the structure of a syntax or exactly if not limiting to a semantic paper, appearing such relationary factors as the third element that would legitimize the object-statement. Synthecizing, the statement becomes from a relationary logic that involves since a material dialectic with the evidenced gaps (incorporeal), perpassando for a delimitation space-weather, involving in the scope of a mutualismo with the citizen in an ambiguous exchange of influences, having finally a imagtico field of action that interacts with certain autonomy in relation to the proper factors had composed that it.

United Nations

  • Posted on January 9, 2019 at 1:26 am

It is obvious that the latest developments concerning the price of fuels are having far-reaching global economic consequences, since the price of a barrel of oil has come to cost $130. The most obvious impact of this phenomenon is reflected in inflation and a subsequent reduction in purchasing power and consumption. The situation is aggravated even more attempts that made central banks put an end to inflation, rising interests and thus causing increased pressure in the mortgage market in personal debt, as well as the variable income securities. But this has already happened in history, and the world economies have found ways to adjust. Matters more worrisome emerged at the recent Summit on the security of the power of United Nations in Rome, where delegates from the world community discussed the global food crisis. It is sad to see that our insatiable demand for energy is also destroying some of the traditional systems of agriculture.

With the oil prices above the $ 100 per barrel, the fuels are becoming a very lucrative business. This industry is expanding at a galloping pace, and has resulted in the transformation of millions of acres of land previously used for food production for humans or animals in fields of fuel production. This reason was cited as the main cause of the rise in the price of food around the world. The food and economic crisis are the tongs of the Scorpion’s energy, but the Scorpion also has a tail. It is endangering our very existence on this planet. The uncontrolled passage of our use of fossil fuels is universally recognized as responsible for the global climate, a cause that contributes significantly to the extreme climatic conditions that are occurring around the world. Part of the attractive value of the biofuel is that it could help to limit the environmental impact of our dependence on oil. To know more about this subject visit Hillhouse Capital.

The Project

  • Posted on January 3, 2019 at 4:11 pm

The project team, which is responsible for the technical implementation of the project, focuses primarily on the technical feasibility and implementation, as well as the planning for the implementation period. There is dependency, which is absolutely necessary to the success of the project between all those involved. All aboard? If different people and organizations want to achieve a common goal together, also the corresponding rules for successful coexistence should not be missing. The common project management methods give a wide range of rules at hand, after which IT projects are companies and organizations. ore information. But as with any set of rules, it takes someone who monitors compliance with the rules, draws attention to the rule violations and calls for any rule-compliant behavior. This task is assigned to the infringements.

A question of definition an infringements is systematically carried out by an independent auditor “project analysis”. How will join the question; What is an analysis of the project? This is defined as follows; “Investigation related to a date of the project, which subject, content and objectives are set in advance.” Essentially the project cycle, the structure, the risks, the value and the cost analysis areas are meant here. There are still many more names and definitions of project audit. Project controlling, red team review, project review, project quality management, to name a few. All of them is common is that they are limited in the design and implementation on the analysis of the formal structures of the project.

The referee in the team, it emerges that the infringements in the PMO to settle and reported on this, because there is the responsibility to comply with the defined processes and methods. The resulting problems becomes clear when you consider the interaction between of the stakeholders in mind.


  • Posted on January 3, 2019 at 5:27 am

Active Referrers are the true drivers of a positive corporate development not what that company are so proud, but solely and exclusively, what customers about their products and offers, services, and brands, briefly say about their performance, what is spoken, told on the Internet of around the world on the street whispered and hung in the media at the big Bell, decides whether the weal and woe on the market. In the referral marketing, some customers and contacts are more useful than others. As it applies to uncover the relationship strong NetWorker. Precisely such, contacts and clients have, where you are even interested in. Ask something like this: who in my environment talks like about yourself and others? Who in my environment listen to others, because their opinion counts? Who is well networked and knows many people? Crawl in this way your address or enquire in your environment: \”Who do you, who knows a lot of people and maintains good contacts to the and the audience know?\” or: Who would you consider most likely to consult in matters as relevant experts?\” \”In youth marketing, you ask, for example: who is the absolutely coolest guy, you know?\” A question of the type of building you have step by step a helpful list of potential multipliers. It is a combination of energetic curiosity, healthy self-confidence and the desire for recognition or socializing, which drives people to commit themselves to others.

We can distinguish two types of these: the middleman: he is interested in people, knows God and the world and loves change. Therefore, he is on the road, not only in a pinned context but has contacts with very different backgrounds – and can bring them all together. Recommended products can be distributed so quickly and at the same time to gain a foothold in various ‘scenes’. You encounter them suddenly from all sides.