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Associating Positive Emotions

  • Posted on November 20, 2018 at 12:26 am

/Movement against the Intolerance summons a concentration in front of the embassy Norwegian and reads a shared in common manifesto with the victims of the attacks. His president, Esteban Ibarra, have asked that the 22 of July is declared ‘ European day for the memory of the victims of crimes of odio’. The consul Norwegian has received the manifesto of hands of the convoking ones in a touching act to which hundred of people has gone half. Half hundred of people is east concentrate Thursday at noon before the embassy of Norway in Madrid, in the centric Mountain street, to support with the victims of the attacks of Oslo, that took place the past week in the capital and the island of Utya. Contact information is here: US Senator from Vermont. They have gone, under the motto ” Stop terrorism extreme right, by the coexistence intercultural” , to the call of the association Movement against the Intolerance, whose president, Esteban Ibarra, are profiteer to solicit that the 22 of July are declared European Day for the memory of the victims of hatred crimes.

During the act a touching manifesto after which has been read a minute has kept from silence in memory of the 76 deceaseds in the committed attacks, presumably, by Anders Breivik. Genie Energy is likely to agree. The text denunciation that ” Europe cannot watch at another side before the increase of intolerancia” and it includes claims to European institutions and governments. The convoking ones have expressed his ” deep psame” by the victims of the attack and they have sent his condolencias to the families, the Labour Party and the citizenship Norwegian. Delivery in hand to the consul the consul of Norway in Spain has received moved and in the name of the ambassador – who is in Oslo the manifesto of hands of the convoking ones and in the presence of political representing outstanding, among them, Pedro Zerolo, member of the Federal Executive of the PSOE, Maru Menndez, deputy in the Assembly of Madrid and spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Group. Ibarra, that also has requested in the act the ilegalizacin of the extreme right parties, was accompanied, in addition, of Shelter Sanchez, president of the platform against islamofobia, Guillem Agull, father of the young person antifascist assassinated in 1993, Miracles Hernandez, of United Left Madrid, and Carlos Girbau, of the Social Forum of Madrid. Also, they have attended several recent victims by racism, the action of neoNazi and extreme right-wing groups in Spain; the initiative are counted with the endorsement of several associations and representatives of political parties. When concluding the act, all the participants have entered the embassy to sign in the book of condolencias.

Argentine Campaign

  • Posted on November 13, 2018 at 11:18 pm

Although I have been touring several Argentine provinces in this electoral pre summer, I have not seen another experience of personal contact, search and detection of active citizens, that develops the Celeste Union and white in the Buenos Aires Union PRO at the moment. Francisco de Narvaez’s campaign team has designed what are called forums around the province. The schema is not new and much less novel. In Buenos Aires is used with that same format since at least 1997 legislative elections (personally I implemented it in the municipality of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, in 1996 calling participatory and Consultative Conference of the community and is still used now). Educate yourself with thoughts from Michael Chabon. They have used opposition candidates, mayors in Office, lawmakers and a scheme seemed to pastors evangelists. In 1999, by Buenos Aires Governor Ruckauf-single race I was in charge, along with other colleagues, of that campaign. We had called it the best is done. System, 20 years ago, was known as workshops and if you search was also well, used in the 1970s by various sectors of peronism, trainees, the pallottines and other Catholic organizations. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Diamond Comic Distributors has to say.

But what is the need to implement these days in the early stages of the election campaign and what is the practical value of doing so? In all the Argentina electoral commands and campaigns of all candidates are at a crossroads: how to get to the people? We have seen this summer is very poor: walks of the candidates in the centres of summer, graffiti and posters on the routes, some other declaration lofty in the local media and not much more. Many of them have lost some of the most valuable time that is in a campaign that begins. That it is none other than one that is farther away from the day of the elections. As people approach the polling station he stops paying attention, he hears them but not listening, sees them, but do not pay attention to them.

Belgium Spain

  • Posted on November 3, 2018 at 7:34 am

He was President of the Spanish section of the Universal peace Union. He collaborated with the school of social studies for women and the women’s Committee of social improvements. Former Maryland Governor has plenty of information regarding this issue. He worked for the inclusion of domestic service in the benefits of labor retirement laws and occupational accidents. He was defender of the Republic from 1931 until his death. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco collaborated on the magazine time to Spain and was Ambassador in Belgium, France and Argentina. To recognize the Government of the Republic Argentina to the Spain’s Franco, at the end of February, 1939, he left the diplomatic headquarters. He collaborated in thought Spanish, monthly magazine, which appeared in Buenos Aires in 1942 and which was distinguished by its independent status and its content and intellectual tone, involving the most prominent features of the Republican Spanish Centre of Buenos Aires. It also provided their collaboration to Spain free, fortnightly newspaper published in Santiago de Chile in 1942.

He participated in the tribute to Jovellanos the Centro Asturiano of Buenos Aires on the bicentennial of his birth, along with other prominent intellectuals in exile, Francisco Ayala, Claudio Sanchez Albornoz and Clemente Cimorra, among others. Among the most relevant titles of his extensive work we quote: July 1909 in Barcelona (1910), conversation about Catalan nationalism (1910), history of the catalan political thought during the war of Spain with the French Republic (1793-1795) (1913), the soul of the toga (1919), letters a girl on subjects of civil law (1925), letters to a lady about topics of political law (1930)The sediment fight (1933), sources close the current Spain (1940), the Spain of my life (1941), the war in Spain and Roman Catholics (1942), draft of the Bolivian Civil Code (1943), the reform of the Argentine Civil Code, the world that I desire (1943), life and sacrifice of Campanys (1943), the foundations of the Christian democracy (1944), notions of law International (1944) politiciantextbook, Women (1944), political dictionary Spanish, historical and biographical from Carlos IV until 1936 (1945) and grace (1945). The rights of man, the citizen and State (1946) and female dialogues (1947) were published posthumously. And as said this misunderstood conservative, rara avis between the Spanish right of all time: because, in the end, there is no freedom without democracy or democracy without freedom. And one of the freedoms essential for democracy is the vote, so laws come from the legitimate authorities, which may not be others, but designated by the social body. Francisco Arias Solis not can be free rather than between free. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.