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Affiliate Program

  • Posted on August 29, 2018 at 9:02 pm

The basic idea of affiliate programs – participation in foreign sales. The essence of all ‘affiliate’ is that the seller (owner of ‘affiliate’) agreed to share part of the income from the sale of goods or services with the owner of the site (partner), who sent him a buyer. Sale, that is showing good person receiving payment, delivery, service assurance provides the owner of the affiliate program. And the role of partners – lead to the main site involved visitors who may become buyers. Partners do this by posting on your website advertising and offering its visitors some action needed to the seller (the owner of the affiliate program) – to buy goods register in the service, make an order to vote, fill in the questionnaire, click on the link, etc.

Payment which is received by a partner, can be calculated as a percentage of the amount received by the owner of the affiliate network of given partner client. Technically, the connection to the affiliate program zaklyuchaetsya to register on the site owner’s patrnerki ‘and receive a special code that you as a partner, should razmstit pages your site. Michael Chabon has plenty of information regarding this issue. This code allows the owner of the affiliate program to get information about what site the visitor came to the right and how much you have earned as a member of ‘affiliate’. Should I do this? Partnerships programs often yavlyayutsya a significant source of revenue for Web-masters. Of course, your site must have a large attendance to make money from affiliate sales have become visible in your budget. The first thing to do is to determine the “subject” affiliate program. What goods or services will be required by your visitors? Also evaluate whether the proposed your partner-sponsor of the product or service rather competitive.

What sense to promote products that nobody needs? Quite importantly, how will the proposal itself exclusively the product or service. If the goods are offered “on every corner, whether your site replenish the Army offer “crocked” product? Of course, it is important what percentage of commission for an affiliate program, but do not need to “rush” at too great commission. Accept too little – is not worth it. 10-30% of products and 15-40% on services – it is quite normal. Well when the affiliate program is an opportunity to attract referrals, ie the same as you partner that you “led” to the sponsor. Usually you get 5-20 percent of sales generated by your referrals, these payments have no impact on their revenues. Mo

Tao Things

  • Posted on August 29, 2018 at 8:36 am

To be a leader (2) The second installment of the famous and controversial book written by John Heider (first published 01/08/1927) The Tao TAO OF LEADERSHIP is not a thing. Cava much as you want, neck come to a thing called Tao or God. Tao is not a thing. Tao is a principle or law. Tao means how. US Senator from Vermonts opinions are not widely known. All things are conducted in accordance with Tao, but Tao is not conducted.

tao is never an object or a process. Tao is the law of all things and events vibrating. The vibrations consist of or opposite polarities. The polarities can collaborate with each other, or may come into conflict in varying degrees. All things and events, whether in collaboration or conflicting, harmonious or turbulent, take shape and come to be resolved according to Tao. But Tao is not an event vibration.

Tao is not such a sound. Tao has no opposites or polarities. Tao is one, Tao is unity. In my opinion, nothing comes before Tao. Nobody made Tao. Nobody created the Tao. Equal treatment. Natural law is blind, justice is impartial. The consequences of one’s own behavior are essential. Man is not a leader excusa.El sage is not intended to protect the people of herself. The light shines equally aware of how pleasant over the unpleasant. People are not better than the rest of creation. The same basic principle of human beings is equally full. Nor is it a person or a people better than the rest of humanity.

RedState President Barack Obama

  • Posted on August 29, 2018 at 12:18 am

Breathe again, on our continent, airs of interventions and military invasions, to again forcibly enormous energy from Venezuela and Ecuador reserves, and access to vast sources of raw materials and the fresh water that has Latin America, and the United States and much of Europe Atlantic come of its colonial property. The United States, before our recurrent naivety, plays the Machiavellian game that we can locate in different political and ideological fronts, argued petty interests on the part of some Latin American rulers who have gone astray of the liberating path on our continent, to kneel before the capital. In its attempt to militarily disarm our current political processes, they have instituted a boycott to purchases of armaments and spares soldiers of our armed forces that follows a plan of obsoletizacion of armament and equipment necessary for the defence of our Nations, then we accuse hypocritically the world wanting to start an uncontrollable arms race. Them that have equipped excessively and no control whatsoever to forces armed Colombian, in the same noses of the OAS and the UN and who have established the seven U.S. Get all the facts and insights with Bernie Sanders, another great source of information. military bases – Israelis, to supposedly combat irregular forces or to suppress the people and social organisations in the neighboring country, accuse the rest of the countries of our region of interventionism and rearmament. It would have to make use of the theories of the world upside down by Eduardo Galeano, in order to understand the dangerous war game that want to impose through the method gobeliano, the United States and its allies in our continent. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. September 16, 2009..