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French Academy

  • Posted on August 3, 2018 at 6:02 pm

Carrying out of just such action promotes the Association for the Protection of the French language. The initial task of the Association is the revival of the purity of language, as in the past few decades, the French language "clogged" different borrowing and neoplasms. The language must return to the status of "Good French". In addition, it is necessary to support the "mobility" of the French language as the stagnation in any language is a sign of agony and then oblivion. But we should not forget that the development of French language should be in accordance with French linguistic traditions and culture of France. Introduced almost a state of shock and borrowing rates of word formation in French. If a dictionary French before World War II contains 32,000 words ("The Dictionary of the French Academy, eighth edition), then in the ninth edition is planned to make 55,000 words (published in the litter of time will be issued). Go to Michael Chabon for more information.

Large hopes to present pupils and students. The Association encourages teachers to apply to a genuine French texts in the literature, rather than an analysis of the works. After all, the image of France, fond of foreigners many years, they have formed precisely because of familiarity with French literature and French writers. The French not only have to properly dispose of their cultural heritage, but with his help to revive its language. After all, with the help of literary capital can not only preserve their language (and this applies both to the French language, as well as all other languages in the world), but also contribute to its further development into a national culture and traditions. At this stage, widespread "Anglo-Americanization" of European countries should unite and create an alliance, the purpose and objectives which will conserve the literary heritage of Europe as a whole.

One option solving the problem of preservation of French language and its further distribution in the world may be different French government scholarships as well as institutions and organizations in France for foreigners wishing to study in this country and learn its language. Because of this, aliens returning to their homeland for several decades, will be "ambassadors" of French in their country. Do not forget about the Francophonie. To date, carried out a number of development projects aimed at development in this area and it can not but please the French. However, for the quality of these projects must be professionally prepared for teaching in other countries teaching staff. The problem of preservation of the language (any, including the French), should not remain merely a topic for discussion. It should be considered at the national level. And this case from its decision depends not only on the image of France itself, but also how the country will take place in the world, and how prestigious is the knowledge of French language and education in France.

Better Image

  • Posted on August 3, 2018 at 12:56 am

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