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Half Wedding

  • Posted on June 12, 2018 at 10:48 pm

Ill-conceived and hasty the Grand Coalition has decided a change in principle: since the first of January, the Church marriage without registry is possible. Long she had been looking forward to this day. She had put on her prettiest dress, was a bit excited and then she went to Austria with her Joseph at the Wolfgangsee. What Dorothea k. Read more here: Bernie Sanders. and her friend more than ten years ago, there were doing, didn’t even know his own family: they wanted marriage a second time and only church. My husband has fixed all. He had talked to a pastor in Germany and he had required utmost secrecy and said that he can’t do anything for us in Germany. He sent us then to Salzburg and there was everything in the hands of the Austrians, then tells the lively woman from Florsheim, who likes to thinks back with her now 87 years in the secret mission over the border.

What is practiced in Austria for over 50 years, is since the beginning of this year be possible also in Germany. It was late at night, when the Grand Coalition has already reformed the civil status law in November 2006 was deleted the paragraph 67 where the civil marriage as a prerequisite for the church wedding was anchored. Since January 1, 2009 can couples now even without a civil marriage before the altar of the Church take a decision that was as badly as premature. Because what the politician of the SPD and CDU/CSU have not thought in the so far barely noticed night and fog action, the dangerous consequences for the weaker and sometimes uninformed parts of the couple are usually the woman. And the churches are provided in their respective understanding of marriage before a difficult challenge. Actually, the new regulation was well meant to sweeten the second spring people like Dorothea Klockner.

Mercosur Paraguay

  • Posted on June 12, 2018 at 2:41 am

Since postwar Paraguay has been the only American country that has known only to a party in power and who has never had another force (apart from the conservatives) managing to their State. The former progressive Bishop Rafael Lugo is the first person that can get to los colorados by the Government, but it can not do much about changing the structure assembled by decades of Stroessner’s dictatorship. Chavez supports him because he so wants to expand at dawn and make that 5 members of Mercosur have pro-izquierdistas leaders who prefer a regional integration rather than an FTA. Check out Author for additional information. However, Lugo is more akin to a social democracy moderate Lula type or Bachelet. The main party in his coalition is the section of the liberal international (who led Paraguay from 1904 to 1936). A triumph of Lugo would help Evo affecting cambas nationalists who are in the midst of La Paz and Asuncion. It could also generate some friction with the Brazilian forestland owners of plantations in Paraguay and therefore with Brasilia.