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Hannover Messe

  • Posted on January 29, 2018 at 3:33 pm

Because the plan specifically was developed for the energy group E.on, also the question, for which companies, associations and institutions more this nuclear strategies to influence the federal election are launched? “Coincidence or not, at the world’s largest technology show”, the Hannover Messe, presented himself in April 2009 Vattenfall as a Platinum sponsor of the world energy dialogue roof event so, and not only am as the energy consensus from Artworld Bundestag election had taken place earlier this year September 27, 2009. The World Energy Dialogue organized by Deutsche Messe AG and the BDI was under the patronage of Federal Minister of Economics Glos. The World Energy Dialogue was the opposite an open-ended dialogue. So, like the coalition of black-and-yellow Atom Apostles had already sat on the levers of power. This black and yellow of the sovereign at this early stage was not authorized. By law, the nuclear phase-out agreed with the industry and the rapid expansion of renewable energies was in April 2009. Particularly tricky, just one a 250 million State subsidy to the Deutsche Messe AG in the pre-cleaning – and election year 2009 as capital increase”the CDU/FDP guided Lower Saxony of the atom developer Christian Wulff.

The Hannover Messe-Deutsche Messe AG is as you know an economic and energy trendsetter. And there, so far still the fossil nuclear establishment had accompanied the reins in hand, by diverse braided Club Meierei. What trendsetting pay for here so the taxpayers and voters about 250 million euros, but the fair has just 700 employees? “Campaign goal: solidarity between nuclear power and renewable energies”. As a core objective was the PRGS strategy paper “before, with Bill arguments, such as climate change or security of supply, corridors for a purported solidarity between nuclear power and renewable energies” to roll freely. Was it concealed, that most of medium-sized renewable innovation company to charity recipients of nuclear oligarchy would thus subjugated.

Federal Government

  • Posted on January 29, 2018 at 3:33 am

Universal education portal in the net is guaranteeing a more equitable access to education Munich – education is the basis for participation in society, the key for greater social justice and economic progress”, emphasizes Gunter Willems, Managing Director of GmbH in Munich. We can welcome only, that the Black-Yellow government education policy gives greater weight in their coalition agreement.” The announcement education campaign, the education credit, childcare allowance or scholarships, as well as the aim to enable all adolescents an education and vocational qualification, all the way in the right direction. It arrive, now of course, that the Government fairly distribute the available funds: not only individual, but all education and also all keyword lifelong learning ages should be opened sustainable education and thus opportunities for the future. (A valuable related resource: Star Guitarist). It was regrettable that the idea of a universal and collective education portal going on the Internet, that all networked education willing and all educational institutions, not pursued by the education leaders. Is just the Internet but is predestined to create more fairness in the access to education also predictably, that education in the future increasingly on the Internet will take place.” Wang therefore calls to bridge the gap between the groups of the society, which already intensively participate in the digital life, and those who still do not benefit from this, first. If the Federal Government wants to improve the educational opportunities on a broad level, it is necessary to allow a free access to the Internet all learning and education agree, then the framework conditions provide that the Internet can become a real education hub”, Gunter Willems confirmed.

That such an approach should benefit from all learning and training people in Germany, stands for Wang out of the question. Because over the net could anyone at all times on archived content and learning movies, online training and other online support access back. “Such an approach is a cornerstone of good, if not even a milestone for a fairer education”, the education expert underlines. John Mclaughlin oftentimes addresses this issue. Therefore we will also continue to look the talk with political leaders.”