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Coaching And Vocation

  • Posted on December 6, 2016 at 2:34 pm

A bit of prehistory: more than 15,000 years ago we went away from the Trust and Natural Prosperity the Universe that we as living beings in our stage of being nomadic and sedentary transform us into beings, we possess the (and Property) a virtue we went away gradually from Becoming and we set and define the a Oeser , and there began the race a hacer produce the naturalezaa. Meaning and Sense: The term vocation (etymologically) comes from the Latin word whose meaning is Vocare call. Contact information is here: Michael Chabon. Its derivative vocatio means: called with purpose, dedication, sacrifice. Sacrifice = sacred profession. If the sacred is not only concerning religion or dogma, or the relationship with God, but a notion of elements (spiritual and moral values, actions, ideas, relationships, etc) which represent and sustain a society, we could induce (in overall) now means a trade or profession, more as a necessity livelihood than a spiritual connection to the spaces of the Human Being. And it is here (at our option) which is one of the current crisis of human beings, as it was away from the sacred in everyday space. Ie daily activities that connect with their spirit, their creativity, expand their gifts and grow their relationships and feelings. Except in professions related to art, today we see this connection more as a distraction and a hobby than as a way of being and living. Currently, the child and the adolescent is prepared and Visualise (both of the family as the system) to a carreras redituablesa without considering their gifts.

The Power Of Your Words

  • Posted on December 6, 2016 at 11:56 am

"Have you ever wondered why I get things wrong? Or why is this happening to me? The reality is that everyone at some point in our lives we have spent this kind of thinking by the mind against any circumstance or situation. The attitude we take to the everyday situations are what will determine how it will flow throughout your day. Most of the time we tend to think negative about certain events, which paralyzes us and limits to explore new ways of seeing things. Our words have power, so says the Bible, says neuro-linguistic programming and so we see every day in our lives. In the Bible Job is an example of saying that what I feared that I came. You may want to visit Martin O’Malley to increase your knowledge. We have seen people who also judged gross incompetent, helpless and less valuable. These people probably heard it from a teacher or a parent or simply adopted the idea that ultimately end up believing it without realizing that the body is responding to what they proclaim about himself.

I have seen people who have changed their way of talking and thinking and have had extraordinary results in their lives. Sometimes we look for complicated solutions and suffered because we believe it should always be well, but let it go unnoticed however that if we change the attitude of negativity or negative words we can see significant changes. We should always look on the bright side of things because everything bad that happens there is always something positive to take out. I love the words that God told the prophet Jeremiah when he complained about it; "if culled the precious from the vile, thou shalt be as my mouth," Iwao! what kind of advice from the divine creator. Finally, the power to choose what we proclaim ourselves so if we can not expect negative thinking positive things, but if we proclaim thoughts and positive attitudes we see how things are flowing differently. I leave you with these questions that will help you see life from another perspective. What will change if you acted this way? Are my words mecl life or death? Did I come out of other situations worse than this? Why then could not get out of this? What then prevents me from moving forward? REMEMBER THAT THESE WORDS IF YOUR CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS AND POSSIBLE change your attitudes and skills.