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South Tyrol

  • Posted on August 9, 2016 at 11:49 am

The party system of in Austria has, however, the traditional set-up at national level in Italy, which consisted in the early 1990s until the system breaks, with its contrast between political Christianity (Catholicism), middle-class and working-class/Marxism. South Tyrol’s party system proved to be more stable compared to the national party system. The left / right divide or the opposition center-left and center-right camp is missing in South Tyrol in the party system of the German-speaking majority.i no social democratic party exists in the German-speaking population group in South Tyrol. Novelist: the source for more info. Instead, serious competition grew in the last twenty years by the separatist parties. “The liberal” and the South Tyrolean freedom “oppose the moderate constructive course of autonomy the SVP and have chances, the SVP far from an absolute majority to remove. Also a separatist majority German-speaking side cannot be ruled out if not for this election, then perspective 2017. 3.

prospects of the formation of the Government if the separatist parties achieve a major electoral success, will be after October 27 may not form a Government, because the previous two coalitions model numerically retires from SVP and qua Statute of autonomy, Italian coalition partner. Currently, it is still hard to imagine that, for example, Popolo della Libertaund Freedom Party in a coalition under the leadership of the designated Durnwalder successor Kompatscher work constructively together. Predictably, it is alone, that the SVP will again strongest party, even though she moves away yet another piece of the former absolute majority. The SVP as a party to the South Tyrol ‘ is victim of its own success: only the internationalisation of the conflict and the wells of autonomy have enabled today’s separatism of the minority. Without the achieved margins, these could be Players not so freely, that an agitation against the allegiance to Italy as far as remains going unchallenged. The Italian Government is here, demonstratively disinterested: compared to actions that are from a Roman perspective as provocations, kept in the great tranquillity, has.

Lower Austria

  • Posted on August 8, 2016 at 8:33 am

Distribution of political camps in the country at the Enns in the Landtag election in 1921 was educated 1921 the basis for the political system lower Austria further at the beginning of the Republican in Austria with the Landtag election. With the election of April 24 1921 which established the three political camps, i.e. the social democratic, Christian social, and the third camp in this country after 1919 for the second time after the end of the monarchy, and showed in the basics to ensure clear fragmentation, that spread a corresponding political geography in the sense of a differentiated distribution of political camps in lower Austria, Austria. This distinction continues today in their fundamentals. Fundamentals of the political system of lower Austria the basics of the political system lower formed after the Landtag elections in 1919 the Landtag elections in 1921 in the province of lower Austria, where a.o. the capital Vienna was no longer a part of the province of lower Austria… The Christian social Partei(CSP) scored 49.2% and 32 seats, the social democratic Workers Party (SDAP) scored 36.9% and mandates, and the greater German parties of the national liberal 3.Lagers % 12.6% and 6 seats. Thus laid the Foundation for the regional system of the party, which rules the political landscape of the province of lower Austria also still largely at the beginning of the 21.Jahrhundertes.

Result of this election result was Christian (SDAP) composed a large coalition of social Partei(CSP) and social-democratic labour party. Regional constituency boundaries in four parts of the country the regional constituency boundaries outside of Vienna is in four parts divided: a quarter above the Manhartsberg, quarter under the Manhartsberg, quarter above the Wienerwald and below the Wienerwald. While votes accounted for 25% given by the the quarter above the Wienerwald, 37% on the quarter in the Wienerwald, 16% on the quarter above the Manhartsberg and 22% on the quarter in the Vienna Woods.


  • Posted on August 6, 2016 at 11:27 am

Formerly Glorioso Partido Liberal seems have been sick of gangrene. The process of putrefaction has been slow, painful and embarrassing. Both that resists not already take a look in the mirror and its smell does not hold. So much that he has preferred to hide, escape, spread, mimic and not give signs of wanting to encourage. To complete, glorious party is split. Some say that by half and others into as many pieces as Congressmen elected more candidates burned. Much of trends within it are chaotic. They do not respond to intellectual or ideological but short-term and mechanical stimuli.

The party is no longer, as I said Lleras Restrepo, this large coalition of nuances of left but several coalitions for coalitions, or what is the same, a soup of all. Serpa has done the impossible by directing it, cure it with their santandereana plasters, by suturing his wounds in the best way, to inject to force, the serum of social approaches, by treating its collective schizophrenia. Serpa knows that that gangrene may not heal it with mertiolate. He knows that they will be required several amputations and excellent postoperative treatment, mixed with intensive therapies to reactivate numb morality. He knows that the prodigious hand of only one doctor is not enough, but will be strictly necessary to the formation of a well endowed and interdisciplinary team where all the nuances are represented. In effect, to save the Party of its predictive death is due, first of all, achieve their union, by way of an ideological identification makes times abandoned.

The party must regain its programmatic North. Know where you want to go to the Colombian society of the 3rd millennium, part of who is, what is the economic model that reflects their feelings and thoughts, how conceives the justice, equity and the common good and, finally, what are the aspects which differentiate it from all other political proposals in the country. This cannot be achieved but by sitting with all its forces, with all its tendencies and all its sectors to discuss upon the referred to momentous affairs and a good number of them that becomes us impossible to trasncribir here, turning, obviously, by the pertaining to regions, provinces, departments and locations. No matter that several of those nuances are undesirable. Defined once the essentials already know everyone if we should stay or go. You know all the current leaders, old and new, if the Liberal community is the one with which match their longings or, simply were excluded from it by extraction of matter. What follows will almost follow. On aspects relating to the structure of the Organization, hierarchies, command lines, procedures for the selection of their candidates, the relationship with liberal rulers, participation in Governments of different parties, the electoral tactics and all the other minutiae, will be much easier to achieve consensus and establish rules of the game. We have already put us all in these tasks since the match match today, must be the only hope of the tomorrow.

German Workers

  • Posted on August 5, 2016 at 1:27 am

But the proper democracy, can be said, helped to destroy itself mesma' ' (BLAINEY, 2008, P. 117). Germany lived difficult times in the postwar period, and exactly thus it was armed private from 1925. The communism more grew each time in the Europe, mainly in Germany. Italy already had found a solution: a totalitarian regimen, a direct combat to the communism. It was exactly in the Italian fascism that Adolf Hitler was felt inspired to suggest an alternative for those times of crisis. Charismatic and with leadership spirit it established the National party Socialist of the Workers German, initiate with a small group of Bavarians.

The elections had tried some times, however they reached few votes, thus being behind socialist and the communist ones. According to Geoffrey Blayney (2008 P. 130): Hitler offered to patriotism and firm actions. people then had run if filiar to its party, and the number of members jumped for about 200 a thousand, of which half desired to parade dressing the shirts brown symbolized that it in January of 1933, was invited for the chancellor-first-minister position, in the truth – in a coalition government. Further details can be found at Bernie Sanders, an internet resource. In August of 1934, with the death of the encanecido president of the republic, Hitler was elect with 88% of the votes for the rank that combined the positions of chancellor and president.

The mass disillusioned with the democratic institutions after the defeat of the First War yearned for a strong leadership. It was in this fertile land that Adolf Hitler, through propaganda and of its ideology to join the germanic peoples in order to control the Europe institutes a totalitarian right extreme regimen. When assuming the power, ended excessively the parties and unions. It promoted a fast growth economic and it corresponded to the yearnings of the German people. However, everything was under the control of the government, including the churches and too much spheres of the society.

Seven Sister Market

  • Posted on August 4, 2016 at 4:03 pm

On 20 March 2003 Bush launched the invasion of Iraq. With this he wanted to depose his nemesis Hussein, crush nationalism in the Muslim world and mold to the Middle East. This war has cost its economy between 3 and 5 trillion dollars while that has produced the death of 100,000 to 1 000,000 people. Far from producing a stable Iraq, joined and democratized has created one of the most violent societies, chaotic and ethnically warring. Instead of achieving control to oil it has managed this already exceeds the $100 barrel.

Al Qaeda has been consolidated and expanded further. West could not be consolidated in Afghanistan, the same where the Taliban will not stop growing. The stalemate in Iraq has hit the popularity of Bush in the US and has brought a halt to such power at the global level. It has also provoked the anti-imperialist win elections in Iran and Palestine, Russia and China Office of USA, which equip themselves of Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programmes and that its power back in Latin America While the left advances. The war brought about the fall of Hussein in Iraq but in the long run can generate the output of the Republicans from the White House and that this is a Democrat’s name Hussein Obama to make his country to withdraw from Iraq. Salvadoreno-Britanico. Leader Pedro Achata trust and of the multi-ethnic coalition for the defense of the original Seven Sister Market author and source of the article.