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European Economic Community

  • Posted on January 25, 2014 at 8:38 am

Spain was colonized by many civilizations, including the Iberians, Celts and Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, before the invasion in the 2nd century BC Starting from 3 century BC. Oe. various barbarian tribes seized the north, weakening the power of the Romans. The Visigoths, who came in the 5th century, supported a union of their capital city of Toledo. They were defeated by the Moors in the 8th century. The power of the Moors had reached its peak 200 years later, when he was destroyed by the great Christian bastion SantiagodeCompostela. The Moors ruled Spain for nearly eight centuries from their capital city of Cordoba, the former at the time the largest and most civilized city in Europe. Christians, Muslims and Jews relatively peacefully co-existed here for centuries.

Becoming a Christian was gradual, beginning with the formation of small Christian kingdoms. Marriage of Ferdinand V of Aragon to Isabella Castile in 1479 brought together the largest and strongest of them, and marked the birth of the Spanish state. The Inquisition began in the Catholic monarchs, when pogroms intensified non-Catholics – especially Jews, and in 1492 400 000 people were forced to leave Spain. In the same year Columbus discovered America, which provided the influx of countless treasures for the Spanish crown. During the reign of the Hapsburg Spain was the beginning of output to the international arena, and heir to the Bourbon Philip V, launched a war for the Spanish throne, Charles of Austria. Later, Spain was embroiled in the Napoleonic wars, the Spanish fleet was defeated at Trafalgar, and the American colonies rose to the struggle for independence, which most of them were in the first quarter of the 19th century.

In the country itself is a century was marked by a fierce struggle between the reactionary monarchy and liberal reformists. In the 20th century led to growing public discontent with the formation of groups who have created their own political parties. In 1923 generalPrimodeRiverapredprinyal successful military coup, and his dictatorship lasted until 1930. The Second Republic was proclaimed in 1931 and in 1933, when the public split the Liberal coalition gained strength Fascist Party Fa Lang. Although the Popular Front for the free group of radicals, socialists and Republicans – won re-election in 1936, General Francisco Franco joined the opposition, and dragged the country into a brutal civil war. Franco ruled with an iron hand a one-party fascist state, and all languages other than Castilian, have been banned, censored cut Spain from the outside world. V1953 year) Franco signed a contract with the U.S. to deploy nuclear bases on Spanish soil in exchange for economic aid. The country’s economy began to recover, thanks in no small measure contributed to tourism boom 1960s, privnesshy fresh developments. Last years of Franco’s were marked by a new wave of repression. The death of Franco in 1975 has caused controversy reaction. His successor, King Juan Carlos appointed government made up of Franco, but political reform in 1978 led to the formation of a democratically elected parliament. Despite the efforts in 1981 unpopular measures, the king through a democratic environment earned the love of Spaniards, who still treat him with great respect. Spain has experienced a cultural and economic upswing thanks in part to Entry into the European Economic Community in 1986, although high unemployment in recent years has led to the opposition it has subjected the membership question.

Patricia Bullrich

  • Posted on January 16, 2014 at 6:48 pm

Train of being faithful to history, say that the defection was not (literally) Holy week of 87 because democracy was threatened, beyond that there was effectively a coup. The atavistic radical inconsistency is which prevented that it punished to coups. A leading source for info: Martin O’Malley. If with two million people in the street could not impose democracy without due Obediences when?. It is a but of radicalism the inconsistency: Yrigoyen said that it was you redeemed democracy and killed more workers than any Government of argentina’s history up to 76. Illia spoke of democracy and tried to avoid that Peron again in 64.

Alfonsin in 1985 convened the people against coups and applied in adjustment plan. Hablo De la Rua? Radicalism deserves repudiation that throws people in each elleccion. Peronism deserves greater wear than has suffered is a matter of another discussion. It is true that I did not read the G.E platform.N but so read Stolbizar materials? The platform of the cynical collation speaks. of mobile retentions, for example. A way of saying we do not give ball to those who write.

The Coalition is Prat Gay, Patricia Bullrich, Olivera and so many enemies of the people. I invite you to discuss these and other issues by the channel signal West of Moreno. It would be good that it wasn’t a secret discussion. I hope that you accept. Cordial greeting, but no Companion. (Alejandra Pignataro) Dear Raul Isman: I am sorry that we can not even use the word peers to define us, but okay, each assumes the position that most pleases him, I think that it makes no sense continue writing, I am not ignorant of everything you have pointed out some things I agree, in others not, and in others you are hereby of things, and it endilga me things to me, as if I if I had to buy the package an integer as you knowthe town of Merlo has many needs and I owe to them, I don’t have time for this sterile discussion.

Network Software Solutions

  • Posted on January 13, 2014 at 4:36 am

Now Any information, whether sensitive or not, without delay, reach the right people to you. You can also automatically request a read report warning to be sure that the recipient reads it, and not just clicks on the “OK.” With alerts, you can send letters to each user MyChat! Automatic contact list MyChat can automatically create a contact list (Alt + Q), like the contact list in ICQ, and keep it up to date condition. Get more background information with materials from Risa Miller . In the list of all registered users will be instant. Now no one can get lost. This option can be enabled or disabled at the request of the administrator. Innovation will be especially useful for large companies with substantial staff of employees. Box code without the HTML markup pleasant innovation for Web-designers and programmers – to insert into a channel or private text without html markup.

Sometimes you need to send a code companion, but the chat starts convert special characters or emoticons in code HTML-tags. When using this tool all the problems with parsing code disappear in an instant. All characters have the same form that had the original version + does not occupy much location in the text messages. Automatic search servers MyChat ability to automatically search MyChat servers on the LAN – no need to remember IP addresses, ports, and the name servers. All be yourself. Creation Ignore your own list you can not just ignore people who disturb you, but the ban view information about themselves, to refuse to listen to sounds in private. Such a list, you can create and edit any time. Assigning rights to users is more administrators need to chat.

Some customers may obtain the rights that allow them to work with alerts, message board (you can leave here your ad and it will go to all chat users), change the channel topic, create new channels and more. To chat has been specially designed robot quiz. The cost of the quiz is not included in the cost of MyChat server. But when buying a server for 50 or more users have the opportunity to ensure that you receive this robot as a gift. MyChat interface is constantly being improved to ensure that administrators and ordinary users do not even there was a need to read the FAQ. But, nevertheless, the product has a detailed help system on the client and server, also available online. In addition, you can go to a public server on the Internet and MyChat there to ask questions directly to the developers chat all the time that are online. Enumerate all the advantages of this product can be long. But, saving you time, I want finally to summarize. Buying MyChat, you are guaranteed to provide for themselves comfortable and stable messaging system, as well as receive expert technical product support and advice to implement in your network. Chat will be useful for large organizations, as well as brownies networks that recently become more popular. Chat consists of two parts: server and client. The client is free. Server – for a fee. The cost depends on how much the client wants a custom connections to the server simultaneously. Everyone can get a trial version of the server for 30 days.

Score Designs Damage

  • Posted on January 3, 2014 at 3:11 am

Corruption is considered to be charred materials from which the design is completed, at a depth of more than 0.2 cm, and their fusion with signs of burning – charring or the formation of a melt in black with bright colors color source material, as well as burnout, separation with the collapse of the materials from which the sample is made, the formation of cracks passing through the entire layer of material. Damage to allow for (describe) stages: – first stage – without opening the sample to the registration of damage, their size and location (if available) – second stage – with the opening of the sample, with registration and a description of damage in their sizes. In this case, registered damage to the sample to a depth of 0.2 cm or more. Are not considered damage: – length 10 cm – Single collapse of a structural mass of not more than 1,0 kg – Single-through burn-out area of no more than 2000 cm2. Novelist is likely to increase your knowledge. The thermal flow and temperature values represent in tabular form, depending on the time of fire exposure in comparison with similar parameters in the calibration chamber for firing a subsequent determination that there is thermal effect. Allowed to determine the extent of damage to the sample on the results of one test.

The results of measurements of the extent of damage of the sample is allowed to round up to 1 cm test results, measurements damage reflect in the minutes (record) the prescribed form. To the protocol (the report) should be attached to the design documentation detailing. Thermal insulation system of external walls of buildings and their cladding with the outer side are divided into classes of fire danger in accordance with Table D.2 of the least favorable indicators. Symbol class of fire danger systems insulation of external walls of buildings and structures and their linings from the outside includes the letters "SR" and figures, while the figure in brackets indicates the duration of heat exposure in a test sample in minutes. When replacement materials in the construction of thermal insulation and cladding exterior building envelope, the class of fire hazard which was previously set for re-used materials must be defined: – heat of combustion material on the stb en iso 1716 – a group of flammability in accordance with gost 30244 (average maximum temperature of flue gases, the presence of burning droplets of melt, the degree of damage on the length and weight, duration of self-burning) – Flame Spread Index gost 12.1.044-89. In this case, the fire-technical characteristics of the proposed materials must be iden-energy, or better than replacement. Identification of materials used in thermal insulation system or tiling should be carried out in terms of calorific value of stb en iso 1716. Subject to the fluctuation of the index from a previously defined by no more than 5% for the worse materials are identical.