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Partner Organizations

  • Posted on July 29, 2013 at 2:41 pm

Caves indicated that these companies take advantage of this system to be able to run over us, which we as FAGA, we have many partner organizations, we are going to do a work so that this could come to fruition, i.e., that not it materialize, clarifying that even many farmers say that if there is a law that makes this I’ll sell well, they are wrong. Peace Foitzick, spokeswoman for the regionalist movement, stated that what we are denouncing here is indolence and lack of transparency of the State and the Government to be able to inform those who will be adversely affected. We are talking about more than 600 homeowners who affect these mining motions, as well as a myriad of productive activities in our region linked to livestock, forest, aquaculture on a small scale, tourism. He added that the commitment of the organizations involved in the complaint is starting a work of information in each one of the municipalities and also for organizing the peasant world, because clearly in one region such as ours, with isolation and lack of access to the media, the State has not complied with reporting and ensure the transparency of such processes has been a let. The Coordinator of the citizen by Aysen Reserva de life, Peter Hartmann, Coalition expressed that in order to carry out the projects of dams is abusing the mining code to, in practice, expropriate the land people access without permission and do whatever they want with a law that is aimed at anything else.

He explained that the mining concession entitles you to do what you want in the basement, but you must gain access to the basement. To have that right they can make up whatever they want also.