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European Union

  • Posted on August 18, 2012 at 11:55 pm

In consequence, of what it had been only one acceptable problem, equiparvel to the one of any small federal state of the United States, we pass to a new economic-financial crisis that can have global reach, as it admitted proper president Obama. As it informs Vestibule DEUTSCHE WELLE (), the countries of the European Union, with exception of the United kingdom, intend until the next monday (19/12) to raise 200 billion euros to repass to Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI), in Washington. That the German Site does not only say of where will come the money, and believes even though that China, that currently withholds the biggest cash reserves of the world, India, Russia and Brazil, with esteem international reserves in more than 300 billion dollar, grants some financial aid to the Europeans. According to DEUTSCHE WELLE, in accordance with the decision taken for the European cupola in the last friday, the money will have to be repassed by the deep a become indebted countries of the zone of euro, as Italy, case the interests of headings of these countries is too much high at the beginning of 2012. This new deep one of rescue, that uses the FMI more as shunting line for resources destined to the European countries affected by the crisis, gained little attention of the international press because of ' ' no' ' of premi British, David Cameron, to the changes in the treated ones to the UE. But the subject came back to tona in the last sunday, when the German Central banking (Bundesbank), responsible for the German parcel in this package, requested that the Bundestag (chamber low of the German Parliament) of this its authorization to the view of approximately 45 billion euros. The German government and the coalition liberal-conservative had rejected the order, arguing that the Bundesbank is independent and would not need a endorsement of the Parliament. Second still the DEUTSCHE WELLE, the German Central banking warn, however, that the Bundestag all established a limit of responsibility of 211 billion euros for the aid package limit that will be exceeded with the package of the FMI.

Moreover, this loan of 45 billion euros to the FMI involves one high risk. The director-controlling of the FMI, Christine Lagarde, former-gives Frenchman of the Finances, praised the decisions taken to the end of the cupola in Brussels. The president of the European Central banking (BCE), Mario Draghi, had salient in the thursday, one day before the meeting in Belgium, that the European money shunting line by means of the FMI would not have to mean state a financing disfarado, by means of the Central bankings. This type financing is forbidden by the Treated one to Lisbon. Draghi standed out that, independently of what the politicians have idealized, ' ' the spirit of the treated ones must be respeitado' '. The view of resources to the FMI already had been argued, at least in the embroidery frames, during the cupola of the G20 carried through in November in Cannes. In the occasion, proposals had been made to convey by mortgage next to the FMI gold reserves or deposits of the Central bankings. Concluding, still well that the Brazilian government did not loan no cent as they wanted the Europeans, mainly being the loaned money deposited in one just-servant deep European. President Dilma Rousseff finished saying that any aid to the European ones would only leave for intermediary of done deposits to the FMI, making right in full.